A Couple in a Psychotherapy Session


Ø  Individual Therapy
45–60 minute, one-on-one sessions with a behavioral health professional.

Ø  Family Therapy
Addresses issues that affect the psychological and emotional health of the family, such as substance use issues, the manifestations of mental health conditions, and major life transitions like death, relocation, and divorce.

Ø Group Therapy
Includes sessions on trauma, grief and loss, domestic violence support, teen issues, and more that are often offered in tandem with other outpatient mental health services.

Ø Medication Management
We monitor patients’ medications to avoid potentially dangerous interactions and complications, and assure compliance with the prescribed regimen.

One or a combination of these services are used to assist our clients who are dealing with life challenges, that may include one or more of the following: relationship and/or behavioral issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use, or the manifestations of mental illness.

2. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program ( PRP)

Psychiatric rehabilitation's objective is to assist people with major and chronic mental illnesses in acquiring the emotional, social, and cognitive abilities they need to live as independently as possible. Our staff collaborates with our clients to support the abilities they need to learn, work, and live in social contexts with little assistance from professionals. In order to improve their mental health, improve the quality of their lives, and follow their aspirations and goals in order to live successful lives according to their own definitions, individuals are given individual, family, and group assistance.

Adolescents PRP Qualifications

  • 5-17 years of age
  • Referral from treating Licensed Mental Health Professional
  • Have an Axis I diagnosis from a licensed mental health professional
  • Currently, have ACTIVE Maryland State Medicaid
  • Intake and Rehabilitation Assessment with PPS staff (Parent or Legal Guardian Must be Present)
  • Adult PRP Qualifications
  • Referral from treating Licensed Mental Health Professional
  • Maryland Medicaid and/or proof of application
  • A psychiatric diagnosis that meets the priority population determined by the Mental Health Authority
  • Intake and Rehabilitation Assessment with PPS staff


Easy Restoration Behavioral and Mental Health LLC provides assessments to all individuals enrolled in our SUD program. Individual, family, and group counseling are also included on top of other therapeutic and support services to individuals and their loved ones affected or impacted by substance use behaviors. With belief that, through effective services, education, and support, addiction can be successfully treated so our clients can live full, meaningful, and productive lives in their community
Our Services Include:
Early intervention, education, and support program designed to identify problematic behaviors related to substance abuse and address them before they progress.
A one-on-one client interview, family engagement evaluation, and toxicology screening assist the therapist to develop individualized treatment recommendations.
Family involvement is a key component in the Live Benevolent treatment approach. Support for loved ones who are affected by another’s substance use is also available.

We offer structure and support to those on the recovery journey through services based on:
v Professional assessment and treatment planning.
v Professional individual and family counseling.
v Peer-led group discussions to provide social reinforcement and support.
v Support to adhere to a recovery plan.
v Referrals to appropriate partners as needed.
We have short-term, intermediate, and long-term services for both adults and adolescents based on evidence-based best practices that include:
Level 0.5 DUI Education
Approximately 45 to 1 hour long individual counseling sessions with a competent professional therapist. Weekly or more frequently as required.
Level I Outpatient
Adults and adolescents (over the age of 14) who do not need severe levels of treatment can benefit from individual therapy. Our trained and skilled professional workforce offers all services. Weekly, or more frequently if necessary, counseling is offered.

Level II.I Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
A structured, six to eight-week program for adults and adolescents (over the age of 14) who are dealing with behavioral challenges and/or mental concerns brought on by a substance use disorder but do not need partial hospitalization treatment (PHT). Three hours per day for 3-5 days makes up our adult program's 9–20 hours of treatment each week. Our teen program offers 15 hours of therapy per week (3 hours per day for 5 days).
Our IOP Treatment Program is made up of a variety of therapies and services that have been devised in accordance with the specific requirements of each recipient and the severity of their disease. Individual and group therapy, psychopharmacology (on prescription), and psycho-educational courses taught by certified behavioral health professionals are all possible treatment approaches.


One of our goals at Easy Restoration is to be available to our recipients when they need us— wherever they are. That’s why we have included “telehealth” in our array of service offerings. Using interactive audio and video technology, telehealth enables our staff to provide outpatient mental health and substance use services to recipients using any device with an internet connection. Fully confidential and HIPAA-compliant, telehealth allows recipients to participate in sessions from their home or any location of their choice with respect to their privacy.